1. Pool Noodle River Exploration Party;

    On the Little Econlockhatchee, Orlando, Florida


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    anyway here’s wonderwall

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    Unknown artist. From the book Frontiers of Technology (1979)

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  5. Modest Mouse - Baby Blue Sedan

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    and it’s hard to be a human being
    and it’s harder as anything else
    and I’m lonesome when you’re around
    and I’m never lonesome when I’m by myself

    and I miss you when you’re around
    and I miss you when you’re around
    and I miss you when you’re around

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    Location: Oneonta Gorge, OR. Date: May 18th, 2014

    mostly nature

    welcome to earth

    mostly nature

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  7. Fugazi - Waiting Room

    plays: 6,355

    I am a patient boy. I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait. My time is water down a drain.

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    Samantha Keely Smith paints breathtaking abstract landscapes that resemble the swirling waters of the ocean.

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    Spongebob - I Don’t Like

    this is historically significant

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